On Saturday 30th April at 5:30 pm, the third edition of the Velarte project will be inaugurated at UNIVELA in Campione del Garda, curated by Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei, which combines art and sport.

The title chosen for this new edition is WATERPROOF and concerns the resistance to water and the difficult and ambiguous relationship on the part of man in reference to a composite imaginary. Man and water coexist since the dawn of time. This confrontation / clash has found different manifestations over the centuries. Sailing, swimming, various sporting practices have brought the being to sail this mirror of the world differently. Even water fills the life of man. Through the project, a heterogeneous group of authors of different generations, Fabio Adani, Fabrizio Azzali, Max bi, Giorgia Beltrami, Mauro Cappelletti, Maurizio Corradi, Mimmo Iacopino, Giulia Maglionico, Enrico Minguzzi, Oriella Montin, Sergio Padovani, Bruno Picariello, Federica Poletti, Josef Rainer, Rita Siragusa, Giovanna Sottini, invited to create themed works, already recognized nationally and internationally, proposes an aesthetic examination of this relationship using painting, installation and photography. The exhibition is held in remembrance of the gallerist Rosanna Chiessi di Pari & dispari historical archive of Reggio Emilia (www.pariedispari.org) recently failed, who had conceived the exhibition and participated in the organization since the first edition.

During the opening, at 09.30 pm there will also be a live rock concert AWAY BY DOORS by Fill the Doors.

Velarte – Waterproof
edited by Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei
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edited by Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei